Assignment Program

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Our Insurance Assignment Program is designed to lighten the funeral home’s burden of processing claims and provide peace of mind to families during their time of grieving. We do this by verifying and advancing funds on existing life insurance policies. This increases cash flow to the funeral home for policies that are assigned to you by paying in a matter of days versus weeks or months.

At the time of death, our program eliminates the funeral home’s need to spend their valuable time processing claims with various life insurance companies. Cincinnati Equitable Life Insurance handles all the hard work for you.

Benefits of Our Program

  • Low processing fee of 3% ($100.00 minimum).
  • Proceeds will be direct deposited into your bank account within 24-48 hours of policy verification.
  • Can advance funds on Group Life Insurance Policies.
  • Will advance up to $25,000 for families, in addition to the funeral home’s assigned amount (higher amounts available on request). Beneficiaries have the option of receiving their funds via check or direct deposit.

We provide A+ customer service with:

  • Confirmation of documents received.
  • Regular assignment/funding updates.
  • Clear communication of forms/signatures required.

Our Insurance Assignment Program will save you the time and energy spent dealing with multiple insurance companies and their requirements, all while providing you with excellent customer service and communication. Come join other funeral homes and take advantage of one of the many great services provided by Cincinnati Equitable Life Insurance Company.