Why Pre-Planning Matters

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Why Pre-Plan?

  • Lowers the number of critical decisions to be made by your family
  • Helps remove emotional and financial burdens 
  • Allows your family to focus on the beautiful memories of your life rather than details of your funeral arrangements 
  • Allows you to express your wishes to prevent doubt or conflict among family members
  • Protects funeral funding from inflation changes
  • All pre-planned information will be kept on file at the funeral home of your choice
  • Creates peace of mind for both you and your family
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Ways You Can Pre-Plan


  • Funeral Home Locator or Funeral Professional Near You
  • Counselors and funeral directors will show you a list of personalized services along with prices to pay upfront. This includes location, visitation/burial/cremation information, caskets, urns, memorial folders, prayer cards, vaults, and special verses
  • Provide the funeral home with basic ideas of what you would like included in your memorial service
  • Pay in advance to lock in the cost of the services you have planned, regardless of the change in inflation rates
  • Any remaining funds after the funeral costs will be returned to your beneficiary or estate